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「The things that no one remembers...」

「...will become things that never existed... Right?」

Roo Kie Ago Ny
29 January
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Cast aside your uneasy feelings, it'd be good if you listened to this song with a smile
Because if you believe in me, surely when we are able to meet, I want to make a promise

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Name: ... 8D;
Nicknames: Chouran (蝶らん), An (アン), Ann, Maa (ま~), Maa-chan (ま~ちゃん), Maria-sama, Haru-san (春さん), Kiddy-kun (KIDDYくん), Haru-chama (春ちゃま), Anda-san (アンださん), An-sama (AN様), Uru-pon (ウルぽん), An-chu, An-An, Ukeface, Weenernose, Mana-sama 2, Billy Bob, Chris Pontius, Anchel, An/chan (アンちゃん), Chuu-chan, Ruki, Rookie, Agony, and so on...
Birthday: 29-01
Time of Birth: 13:00
Blood Type: O positive
Height: Approx. 166 cm (approx. 5'5"?)
Piercings: 3 on left ear, 5 on right ear, 1 in left eyebrow, 1 in bottom lip
Ethnicity: Asian/Caucasian
Animals: Bunny (Fluffy -Yanky Doodle), Kitten (Hiro), Cat (Pumba -Balthazar), Dog (Kyo)
Favorite Colors: Uhm.. I like almost every color... Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Gold, Silver, Black, White, Violet and more... There are only a few colors that I don't like...
Favorite Flower: I love cherry blossoms and roses... Definately; though I love almost every flower, I think these are my favorites for now... (^_^)
Fears: Dentist, needles, being alone, spiders, cockroaches
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幸せそうな二人が 天国で会った。

† Naoran - R.I.P - 2005-04-11 / 2007-03-20 †
† Ruki - R.I.P - 2007-12-25 / 2009-03-8 †


Ritsuka as Shizumi Crevettola as DJ OZMA Ultramarinelime as Ruki Kazu as Gackt Renny as Kami Nagashiwa as YASU Hina as Naoran Petitepierrot as Mana Kewliopenguin as Miyavi Lifeisnyaa as Aoi Ryuu as Reita Toukohater as Ryo RukixTora as Manabu Kat as T.M. Revolution Purplekissesx as Yukke Emiru as Kamijo Kat as SUGIZO Mikaotchi as Tara Spike as Yuuki Akuma as Miku Pazita as Show-yan Maazuki as HIZUMI Diana as Yamada Ryosuke Emi as Kaoru Holli as ZERO XERO as Takeru Riesha as Uruha Toxie as Matsu Marcsi as Nishikido Ryo PJAE as Hiroshi Shibasaki Kim as Keito Okamoto Misu as Takuya Sachi as Maya Mila as Aki Asuka as Yaotome Hikaru Moga as KING Love Dokkyun as Hoshi Grandmarnier Rukami as Nao Tokito as Shou Hydalarc as Tora Asenath as Ren Yuuki as Shinji Jalelo as Saga Lisa as KISAKI Acidtune as Saki Leanna as JUN Watapata as Ruka Katrina as Hiroto timidwriter as KAZI Flora as Misery Hopelessrebel as Ryosuke keytoinfinity as Akanishi Jin Ciel as Kenzo Akira as Aggy selenieweenie as Kyo tsunari as Aki Yuunao as Mao Yumi as Kai Okuribi as LEDA Silver as RUIZA Nicole as Karyu Shannon as hide Kamisha as Heath Kurorin as Wataru Gakuhaitsu as Hyde Aki as Die Tenshi as Daisuke Flashycolors as Nino chouran as Iori malveillance as Matoi Jinx as Miya Kristie as Mao Maddy as Mizuki VaL as Kaya Lotus as Shunsuke Hystric as Rui Wawa as Waka Ayame as Satoshi Akira as Hazuki Yuana as Yuana Karen as Ai Nao as Juri Astra as Emiru Tsuki as Hizaki Naohko as Ibuki Selena as Daiki Mac DyE as Yoko Ryokimayuu as Masato Doll as Kumi Sato Jensexxx as Iori Adelle as Yuuya Want to join?

CDs / DVDs / MAGAZINEs / JROCKSTUFF bought in 2009 :
Only counted the ones I bought for myself...
!~ http://chouran.livejournal.com/99954.html

Goals 2009:

あたしのこの祈りが 届いてくれるか わからないけれど。
幸せそうな二人が 天国で会った。



SELLING @ (NOT UPDATED) [Unknown LJ tag].
Miyavi CD (-Galyuu-) NEVER used
VERY LARGE Final Fantasy 7 : AC scroll... NEVER used
Gothic Lolita / Fetish / Cyber platform shoes - (US/Canada size 7, EU size 37.5, UK size 4.5, AU size 5.5) used 1/2 times
(shoe-size table: http://www.i18nguy.com/l10n/shoes.html )
Phantasmagoria - Vanish... [Regular Edition] NEVER used
If interested, contact me!
Info = http://chouran.livejournal.com/20255.html <== here...
Updates about the info : I DO accept Paypal payments now! And the prices have been dropped.


I adopted a cute lil' pikachu fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

2009-01-19 ~ Even I think I look cute here XDD

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Get hugs of your own

This is something I put up on April 4th 2008 , just to see how many hugs I could get in one year. So, HUG ME if you feel like it! (^__^) And I don't care how many times you click the button ^-~
EDIT 2009-04-07 : I forgot to check it out on April 4th, because my friend from Germany was here... SO SORRY! Anyways, I have decided to just leave it on, because it's interesting to see how many people feel the random need to hug me xDD So... From today, April 7th, the counter was at 113!! Thank you already for so many hugs!! I REALLY APPRECIATE ITTTT!!!!!!!!! *hugs back* 8D;
EDIT 2010-04-06 : WHOA, the hug ticker's going fast! xDDD I really wonder who keeps hugging me? O_O; Tell me? 8DDD;
The ticker's on 216!!! ^^ Let's see what comes out next year!!! ^^

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