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Roo Kie Ago Ny
30 April 2013 @ 01:09 pm
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
04 February 2011 @ 01:24 am
I know it's been a while. TBH I should be sleeping right now, but I figured I'd quickly blog some stuff.
I think I've mentioned before I don't really have much time to blog these days since I'm so busy with my school, but I guess somewhere today I figured it'd be a shame to just abandon and forget this blog.

Most of the time, I'm either found at TWITTER (http://twitter.com/idiotxbeauty), FACEBOOK (http://www.facebook.com/desiringxfragment), or sometimes at my piggy blog (http://idiot-beauty.blogspot.com/).
At the last one I've also decided to do more with tutorials with make-up and lens reviews and so on.

But I've had a lot of people asking me what I collect and what I have, and they find it hard to buy me stuff for my birthday because they don't know and it makes them nervous. ^^;
I guess this is why I figured I'd put up lists of my collections on here and update it more frequently than... usual. LOL.

I probably won't really be updating much about every day life because neither does anyone read this blog anyways, and I don't have the time to really go on about it due to lack of time. I have time for 1 mention, and the rest just has to suck it for now. It will change in the future, but not right now.
But since I'm here atm, I can just as well mention some of my plans...
The first 2 things I have in my plans are redoing my room, and making pictures for the people that wished me a happy birthday and sent me gifts (the people that sent me gifts will get a few extra retarded shots 8D) as a thank you. I'm no good with words and just saying "THANKS! :D" just seems stupid. ^^;
The pictures will probably take a while, but I'm planning a series of multiple looks so bear with me. xD
For now, thanks to: cadkitten (LJ), Stefan (Facebook), Josefien (Hyves), Petar Rica (Facebook), May Shigeno (Facebook), Aude Mary (Facebook), Kaoru Saeki (Facebook), Willow Tragedy (Facebook), Kevin (Hyves), Ren (Text), Kirsty/Aoi (Facebook), Emily Quinn (Facebook), Heini (Facebook), Ummuhan Kilicoglu (Facebook), Jeremy Friend (Facebook), Melissa (Text), "LaughingOutLoudAways" (IMVU), Ken Hidaka (Facebook), Bassie (Hyves), Ilaria Cianuro (Facebook), "lamperm" (Twitter), Angie (Text), Bas (Hyves), "Kain0072" (IMVU), Nef (Facebook), Luca Xavior Swaggerty (Facebook), Sebastien Sutcliffe (Facebook), Reina (Facebook), my grandma, my mom, and my sis.
I'm pretty sure I have forgotten to mention a few people- sorry for that, I'm bad at making lists from the top of my head. ^^;
Some of these people mentioned will get a special picture from me to them, because they were nice enough to bother giving me something. ^^ Others will get 1 picture as a general thanks for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it and you'll get something awesome for your birthdays back in return!!! ^^//

I did realise a lot of my friends did not say anything at all, so I guess many have forgotten about me. I guess I have to say I'm pretty sad about this. I expected at least 2/4 more "happy b-day"s from people that I really treasure, but no luck. :(
Maybe they figured I wasn't interesting enough anymore. It's true what they say- one day you're IN, and the next you're OUT. You have to work hard to maintain the feeling I guess. Maybe it's really true you have to work hard to the point of breaking down so people will still like you.
I don't know. The point is I'm sad about it.

Uhm, the lists of collections will be up soon part after part. I'll probably do a monthly update too.
On my other sites I'll post up notices on when I'll be uploading a new tutorial and stuff like that. I'll also share news about what's goin' on and what else is going to happen.
I'm also drawing more these days to practise, 'cause I have to get better. I'm uploading my drawings and photography stuff (yeah, I take pictures of other things than myself too) on DA. It's supposed to be a weekly thing but I'm not sure what it'll be like. If I miss a week I'll end up working harder the week after anyways. :)

For now, this is it.
I'll be posting bullcrap soon. :)
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
14 August 2010 @ 02:02 pm
Hello hello. It's been a long time.
Even on friends only I haven't posted anything, but right now it's important.

There was a question posted for me on formspring, but there was no name with it. Sadly, it was posted a few months ago as well, and I never really saw it until like an hour ago. I don't know when exactly it was posted, but since there was no name there was no way I could contact the person who posted it.
If this question was yours, please tell me:

"Do you still want contact with me An? I read your Lj thanx to a friend being nosy..i didn't know about it at all -w-;; i guess im sorry <3 that's all i can say.."

I think it's very important for me to know who this sent. If you (the person who wrote it) are reading this, sorry it took so long for me to see it. I have been horribly busy.
This comment is written by someone I know, so please do e-mail me to chuu- if you are the one that sent it.
If it's written by the person I THINK wrote it, then I'm sorry again for not seeing it until now~ I hope we can be friends again~ :3

I became nostalgic. Right now I'm confused as hell though. I hope I'll be able to find out who wrote it some day. D8
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
09 March 2010 @ 10:41 am
 So, I'm about to go and pick up my english version of FFXIII plus the guide- both CE. 8D;
I'm excited to pick them up, although I had to take money from my DL-savings... >w>;;


Anyways, so I made this thing called formspring. I made it so people could ask me questions about anything easier, and I can answer them all there easily. The first reason why I made it is 'cause people ask me a lot of stuff about make-up- how I do mine and etc... BUT, I answer anything really. :)

(as long as they're decent questions anyways...)
Here is the site:

I'm making some more tutorials soon, since my old ones I kind of threw away~ LoL.
They looked gay. >w>;
I'm not a professional, and I won't say I'm SERIOUSLY FECKIN' awesome. But since people ask me about this a lot I've decided to re-make them. I hope I'll do good... xD

It's just for interested people of course. 
I'll do videos and photos, and more styles of make-up. But mostly just j-rock related. :)
I'm not sure WHEN EXACTLY I'll be making them though, since these days (already for 2 weeks now), my eyes are really hurting and my eyelids are swollen like a KCGJVSKWSD... On the other hand, it makes it possible for me to try double-eyelid make-up waaayyy better. xDDD
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
05 February 2010 @ 11:03 am
 My kitty is being horribly annoying. xDDD
She thinks she's a dog and monkey in one or something... WTF! 

Well, when my paycheck comes in I'll go to the doc with her, to check-up really... She hasn't been there yet and that's BAD. D8
She seems perfectly fine besides the retarded-part, but still I can't help but hope this is exactly what I'll be hearing. "She's fine."

Hopefully this'll be what I get to hear then.
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
20 December 2009 @ 11:39 pm
 ... This TV-series will give me pain in heart from laughing. xDDDDDDDDD

I know it's actually not even that funny, but just watching this stuff again this piece of it just kills me! xDDD

I'm SOOOOOO gonna show this to Ren. OMFG. XDDDDDDDD
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
21 August 2009 @ 04:10 pm

I played some videogames today~ ^^
To just try and get my mind off of things.

I do miss playing videogames with her, yeah... ><;;; It was always a lot of fun... ^^ Just like obsessing over things~ ^^;  Having had such a long friendship and suddenly having it gone is hard indeed, it's like a part is missing. ><; I feel a little empty right now, but hopefully eventually that will pass...
There's nothing I can do about that anymore, so I just have to get over it... ><;;;

I found out my kitty Hiro is sick... And I don't have the money to get her to the doctor...
I just have to figure something out to get money, 'cause it's bad... D8

I have to do my best.

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Roo Kie Ago Ny
19 August 2009 @ 07:20 pm
... I have no time but-...
It's really really hot outside... Man, it's hard to breathe. xOX;

On the brighter side, I've written some excellent songs and I look forward to really make them. (^_^)/
Also, more photos are in the making. (^3^)

... And I need new nailpolish. >O<;

But I gotta go.
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
10 August 2009 @ 03:13 pm
... I have no words...

I wanted to tell so many things before, but just some moments ago I heard someone say Jasmine You of Versailles passed away yesterday... I was hoping it'd be a joke, even though I knew it wasn't- because no one really jokes about these things, right?

... I'm just speechless... I seriously am shocked, and I feel like crying...

I'm still hoping someone will come along and say it was a joke.
'cause this is just-...     

... *speechless*
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Roo Kie Ago Ny
03 August 2009 @ 09:14 pm

I'm in for a long search...
People have been uploading photos of AnimagiC the whole day it seems... There're over 2000 photos online already. Holy crap. xD;

Later on I'll search on- first I'm gonna unpack more stuff... ^^;

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